Bombgoddess is a Sonic Shamaness and dance floor ritualist illuminating a portal to the ancients with the wisdom of rhythm. Weaving a wicked blend of globally infused electro-tribal grooves, melodic glitch hop, inspired dubstep, playful hip hop, cosmic house and breaks, she likes to switch it up, play the energy and she always sprinkles a heavy dose of goddess juju spark and sass.

She likes to create a vibe that connects your head and your body with your heart inviting you to reach ecstatic states through rhythm and movement, to deeply know yourself, to find your alignment, and to touch your connection to Source and Oneness. Bombgoddess has been affectionately dubbed “the goddess of the grooves and rhythms” and “a sonic hottie who drops chakra loaded sound bombs”and approaches every set as the creation of sacred space and as a humble facilitator of dance floor unity.

After a life-long love affair with dance and electronic music, Bombgoddess made her way to the Bay Area over eleven years ago and has been helping to create epic underground dance events ever since, becoming a fixture of the conscious movement and Burning Man scenes.

A trained dancer and poi performer and never playing anything that she herself won’t move to, she is known for her bright energy and her serpent-like movement which takes the room into deep ecstasy and divine connection. She has shared the stage with the likes of Freq Nasty, Beats Antique, Marty Party, An-ten-nae, Random Rab, Heyoka, and Bay Area favorites DJ Dragonfly, Jef Stott, Sasha Rose, Knowa Knowone, Outersect, Jocelyn, Neptune, Alxndr, and Rhythymystic.

For Bombgoddess music and dance are not only her spiritual practice but also one of her most potent and inspired gifts and passions – the sheer joy that pulsates through her when offering music is nothing short of pure bliss and she loves to transmit this to create a connected, alive and activated experience. You can find out more about her on Facebook at www.budurl.com/bombgoddess.

As a rising star woman in a male-dominated industry, her other major passion is empowering women to unleash their expression, passion, and their true mission. She is the Founder and CEO of Femvolution through which she helps the creative, spiritual, unconventional next generation women leaders tap into their power and radiance, become radically alive, and thrive on their terms. Learn more about Femvolution at www.Femvolution.com or on Facebook at www.budurl.com/Femvolution.

From Bombgoddess:

I have had a life-long love affair with dance and electronic music. I started training as a dancer at four years old.Then came my obsession with new wave during my formative years. In high school I was a dance performer and had my first experience with dance floor unity as a member of a unique teenage dance community strongly influenced by the techno and industrial scene of the early ’90s. Next came raves in college followed by the less connected clubs in New York in my ’20s.

When I moved to the Bay Area I immediately tapped into the underground dance and Burning Man communities and have helped to create magical events and facilitate rituals and personal transformation for a special crew of conscious creators, dancers, and spiritual seekers ever since. My progression into DJing was a natural evolution for me and I experience gratitude every day for the opportunities to create new paradigm community and celebrations of life.